Ecommerce and Digital Marketing:

Our Digital Marketing Consultants work towards building a digital presence for your retailbrand. Our methodology is to optimise our clients’ performance and KPIs and we offer a portfolio of services. We understand the online market and have proven experience with big ticket companies as well as working with startups.

Digital Marketing Consulting:  

We provide consulting services to new and existing businesses. We review the market landscape, your industry, your competitors and your current digital assets and create a marketing plan specifically for your company. We also recommend the optimum team and budgets based on the plan. We also help you identify and hire the right talent for internalizing the marketing and would be glad to have our team manage, train and ultimately hand over the project to your internal team.


The brand is ultimately what determines if you will become a loyal customer or not. The marketing may convince you to buy a particular product or maybe it’s something new you are looking for, but it is the brand that will determine if you will only buy from the same company for the rest of your life. Marketing is just the tool to get your brand out to consumers, but it’s the brand and what a consumer equates it to that makes it successful business.

Ecommerce Strategy:

Digital Marketing is essential in today’s world, irrespective of the size of your business.  With both competitors and potential customers being constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead.


Setting a Goal:  


To start with need to have a clear vision on what you want your digital marketing to achieve. More sales, more leads, more brand awareness or more customers?  Whatever the case may be, starting with a solid goal in mind greatly increases the chance of success.


Creating a Marketing Funnel:  


The most successful businesses have an effective marketing funnel in place. A marketing funnel is when you map out a customers’ journey from when a customer is a complete stranger to when they become a lead, and then put certain strategies in place that will encourage them to move through this funnel. An effective marketing funnel not only gets new leads but helps convert these customers to become loyal repeat buyers.


Who are your customers:


Understanding your customer is crucial to setting a digital marketing strategy.  Who is your customer and what is truly important to them? More importantly, have a single customer view. A single customer view is an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by an organization about its customers. 


Social Media Marketing:


Social media advertising has become a critical component of the digital marketer’s toolkit. With more than two billion global users across more than 200 networks, Social advertising is the fastest growing digital marketing channels. It is not important to just ‘do social’ but to ‘be social’. Consumers play a large role in improving your social media advertising as there is a lot that they share with their immediate circle about a brand or brand experience.


We help you connect various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc. to ensure the consumer gets a positive brand experience. We help you not just manage paid social campaigns, but also help set up communities, twitter handles and also blogs to help improve your brand awareness.


Our Methodology:


We elucidate improvement opportunities of current digital marketing strategies by doing a feasibility study, assessment and recommendations. If you are new to Digital Marketing we help set it up from scratch. Our consultants help Ideate on Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy.


Our approach is quite simple:

  • Evaluation of online user experience

  • Audit the current ecommerce and digital marketing strategy

  • Setting up of Google Web analytics

  • Review KPIs and SLAs

  • Develop a Business case and budget allocation

  • Customer profiling and segmentation strategy

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